feminine noun
1. rage (ira)
  • me da rabia -> it makes me mad
  • me da rabia no haber podido ayudarles -> it's so annoying o frustrating not having been able to help them
  • ¡qué rabia! -> how annoying!
  • “¡déjame!”, dijo con rabia -> “leave me alone,” she said angrily
  • ¿dónde dejo esto? — donde más rabia te dé -> where shall I put this? — wherever you like
  • compra el que más rabia te dé -> buy whichever one you like o fancy
2. (antipatía)
  • tenerle rabia a alguien -> not to be able to stand somebody
3. rabies (enfermedad) (singular)

rabia [rah’-be-ah]
1. Hydrophobia, rabies. (f)
2. Rage, fury. (f)
  • Me da rabia -> it maddens me
  • Tomar rabia a -> to take a dislike to
3. Con rabia, extremely, terribly. (Ante Meridian & Latin American) (m)

1 (Med) rabies
2 (ira) fury; anger
me da rabia it makes me mad o infuriates me; ¡qué rabia! (ira) isn't it infuriating!; (pena) what a pity!
con rabia
llueve con rabia it's raining with a vengeance; es fea con rabia she's as ugly as sin (familiar)
3 (antipatía)
tener rabia a algn to have a grudge against sb; have it in for sb (familiar); el maestro le tiene rabia the teacher has it in for him (familiar); the teacher doesn't like him; tomar rabia a algn/algo to take a dislike to sb/sth

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