pull ahead
intransitive verb phrase
1. (general) 
The runners were neck and neck for the whole race, and then Jenkins pulled ahead at the last minute.Los corredores fueron a la par durante toda la carrera, pero Jenkins tomó la delantera en el último momento.
pull ahead
intransitive verb
1. (in race, election) 
a. tomar la delantera, ponerse en cabeza 
pull ahead
(in race etc) tomar la delantera
The cars climbed to higher and higher speeds, each straining to pull ahead
(in poll, contest) ponerse por delante
The government is finally beginning to pull ahead in the polls
to pull ahead of sth/sb (in race etc) tomar la delantera a algo/algn; dejar atrás algo/a algn; (in poll, contest) ponerse por delante de algo/algn
I spurted towards the foot of the hill and pulled ahead of Robin Liverpool and pulling ahead of rivals Newcastle in the battle for the championship
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