feminine noun
1. bonus (paga extra)
2. premium (de seguro)
  • prima de riesgo -> risk premium
3. subsidy (subvención)

prima [pree’-mah]
1. Female cousin (pariente). (f)
2. Morning, the first three hours of the day. (f)
3. Prime, one of the seven canonical hours. (f)
4. Tonsure. (f)
5. The first quarter of the night, from eight to eleven o’clock. (Military) (f)
6. Treble, the most slender string of stringed instruments. (f)
7. Premium given for insurance. (Commerce) (m)
8. Premium, the price in excess beyond the face value of a paper. (m)
9. The obligation of paying the agreed rate per cent if a paper is not taken up or a purchase completed. (m)
10. Bonus, extra payment (de sueldo). (m)
11. (Cono Sur) Bajar la prima, to moderate one's language. (m)
1. First, the ordinal number of one.
2. Of the first rank, excellent.
  • Hilo primo -> fine waxed thread, used by shoemakers

1 [de seguro] premium
2 (gratificación) bonus
prima a la producción prima de incentivo incentive bonus
prima de peligrosidad danger money
prima por trabajos peligrosos
prima de productividad productivity bonus
Dar [primas por productividad,] o el famoso [sobre azul,] era lo habitual en la década de los sesenta y principios de los setenta.
prima por coste de la vida cost of living bonus
3 (Religión) prime
4 (S. Cone)
bajar la prima to moderate one's language; subir la prima to use strong language

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