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masculine noun
1. (culinary)
a. dessert
El helado puede que sea mi postre favorito.Ice cream is probably my favorite dessert.
b. pudding (United Kingdom)
¿Qué pediste de postre?What did you order for pudding?
masculine noun
1. dessert , pudding (British)
  • de postre for dessert
  • para postre (figurative) to cap it all
a la postre
adverbial phrase
1. in the end
dessert; pudding
¿qué hay de postre? what's for dessert?; de postre tomé un helado I had ice cream for dessert
para postre to cap it all; on top of everything
y, para postre, vamos y nos perdemos and to cap it all o on top of everything, we went and got lost
llegar para los postres to come very late
a la postre when all is said and done; at the end of the day
a la postre, todos defendemos los mismos intereses when all is said and done o at the end of the day, we all have the same interests
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