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pesado, -a
1. heavy (que pesa)
2. oppressive (calor)
3. deep (sueño)
4. ponderous, sluggish (lento)
5. difficult, tough (tarea, trabajo)
6. boring (aburrido)
7. annoying, tiresome (molesto)
  • ¡qué pesada eres! you're so annoying!
  • ponerse pesado, -a to be a pain
masculine or feminine noun
8. bore, pain
pesadoa pesada
1 [+paquete, comida] heavy
industria pesada heavy industry
2 (lento) [+persona] slow; sluggish; [+mecanismo] stiff
3 (Meteorología) heavy; sultry
4 [+sueño] deep; heavy
5 (Med) heavy
tengo la cabeza pesada my head feels heavy; tener el estómago pesado to feel bloated; feel full up
6 [+tarea] (difícil) tough; hard; (aburrido) tedious; boring; (molesto) annoying; [+lectura] heavy; stodgy
esto se hace pesado this is becoming tedious; la lectura del libro resultó pesada the book was heavy going; es una persona de lo más pesado he's a terribly dull sort; ese me cae pesado (Caribe) (México) that chap gets on my nerves (familiar); es pesado tener que ... it's such a bore having to ...; ¡no seas pesado! stop being such a pain!
1 (aburrido) bore
es un pesado he's such a bore
2 (Caribe) (pez gordo) big shot (familiar)
(acto) weighing
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