masculine noun
1. piece, bit (trozo)
  • hacer pedazos algo -> to break something to bits; to destroy something (figurative)
  • saltar en (mil) pedazos -> to be smashed to pieces
  • ser un pedazo de pan (figurative) -> to be an angel, to be a real sweetie
2. (informal) (para enfatizar)
  • un pedazo de libro/casa -> a thumping great book/house
  • pedazo de alcornoque o de animal o de bruto -> stupid oaf o brute

pedazo [pay-dah’-tho]
1. Piece, bit; a part of a whole, a lump. (m)
  • Pedazo del alma, my dear, my love. A pedazo -> or en pedazos, in bits, in fragments
  • Estar hecho pedazos -> (a) to be broken in pieces; (b) (Met.) to be very fatigued

1 (trozo) piece
un pedazo de papel a piece of paper; un pedazo de pan a piece of bread; trabaja por un pedazo de pan he works for a mere pittance; hacer algo a pedazos to do sth in pieces; do sth piecemeal
caerse a pedazos to fall to bits
hacer pedazos [+papel] to rip; tear (up); [+vidrio, cristal] to shatter; smash; [+persona] to tear to shreds
estoy hecho pedazos I'm worn out
hacerse pedazos [+objeto] to fall to pieces; [+vidrio, cristal] to shatter; smash
ser un pedazo de pan to be a really nice person; be an angel
2 (con insultos)
es un pedazo de alcornoque o animal o bruto he's a blockhead (familiar); he's an idiot
¡pedazo de alcornoque o animal o bruto!
3 (con expresiones de cariño)
¡pedazo de mi alma o mi corazón o mis entrañas! my darling!

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