feminine noun
1. peace (en general) ; peacefulness (tranquilidad)
  • dejar a alguien en paz -> to leave somebody alone o in peace
  • estar o quedar en paz -> to be quits
  • firmar la paz -> to sign a peace treaty
  • hacer las paces -> to make (it) up
  • poner paz entre -> to reconcile, to make peace between
  • que en paz descanse -> may he/she rest in peace
  • y en paz -> and that's that
  • paz interior -> inner peace

paz [pat]
1. Peace, tranquility, ease. (f)
2. Peace, respite from war; truce, armistice, an agreement between belligerents to end a war. (f)
3. Peace, rest from commotions, quiet from disturbances, and reconciliation from differences. (f)
4. Peace, the quiet and good correspondence of one with the others. (f)
5. A pleasant, peaceful disposition. (f)
6. Equality of luck among card-players. (f)
7. Clear or even accounts. (f)
8. A salute or kiss on the meeting of absent friends. (f)
9. A ceremony of the mass. (f)
  • A la paz de Dios -> God be with you
  • Bandera de paz -> a flag of truce
  • En paz -> quit, clear
  • Gente de paz -> a friend: a familiar way of answering to one who asks, who is there
  • Descansar en paz -> to rest in peace
  • Mantener la paz -> to keep the peace
  • Hacer las paces -> to make peace
or, who knocks at the door?

1 (gen) peace; (tranquilidad) peace and quiet; tranquillity; tranquility; (EEUU)
¡a la paz de Dios! God be with you!; en paz y en guerra in peace and war; in peacetime and wartime; dejar a algn en paz to leave sb alone; leave sb in peace; ¡déjame en paz! leave me alone!; descansar en paz to rest in peace; su madre, que en paz descanse her mother, God rest her soul; estar en paz (gen) to be at peace; to be even; be quits;con with; to be high (muy_familiar); (México) ¡haya paz! stop it!; that's enough!; mantener la paz to keep the peace; perturbar la paz to disturb the peace
no dar paz a la lengua to keep on and on
¡... y en paz!, ¡aquí paz y después gloria! and that's that!; and Bob's your uncle! (familiar)
2 (tratado) peace; peace treaty
la paz de los Pirineos the Peace of the Pyrenees 1659; (1659) firmar paz to sign a peace treaty; hacer las paces (gen) to make peace; to make (it) up; poner paz to make peace
3 (Religión) kiss of peace; sign of peace

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