feminine noun
1. (anatomy) 
a. belly 
La camisa le queda demasiado pequeña y se le ve la panza.The shirt is too small for him and you can see his belly.
b. paunch 
Mi esposo es flaco pero tiene un poco de panza.My husband is thin but has a bit of a paunch.
c. rumen (of a ruminant) 
La panza es el primer estómago de una cabra.The rumen is the first stomach of a goat.
2. (of a jar or urn) 
a. belly 
La panza de la urna estaba decorada con una escena doméstica.The belly of the urn was painted with a domestic scene.
1. (general) 
a. belly 
belly; paunch
estrellarse de panza to do a belly flop; make a pancake landing
panza de burro (Alpinismo) overhang
panza mojada (México) wetback; (EEUU)
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echar panza
to settle down and gain some weight
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