Otherwise in Spanish | English to Spanish Translation
1. de otra manera (differently)
  • he could not do otherwise no pudo hacer otra cosa
  • to think otherwise pensar de otra manera
  • to be otherwise engaged tener otros asuntos que resolver
  • except where otherwise stated excepto donde se indique lo contrario
2. por lo demás (apart from that)
3. si no, de lo contrario
otherwise [ˈʌðəwaɪz]
(if not) si no; de lo contrario
let's go with them, otherwise we shall have to walk vámonos con ellos, si no or de lo contrario tendremos que ir a pie; of course I'm interested, I wouldn't be here otherwise claro que me interesa, si no or de lo contrario no estaría aquí
it's lucky I'm interested in school work, otherwise I'd go mad
1 (another way, differently) de otra manera
it cannot be otherwise no puede ser de otra manera; they may be arrested or otherwise persecuted puede que los detengan o que los persigan de otra manera
unless your doctor advises otherwise a menos que el médico le recomiende otra cosa
the studio could punish its players by keeping them out of work and otherwise controlling their lives
it's true, and nothing you can say will convince me otherwise es verdad, y nada que puedas decir me convencerá de lo contrario
she was otherwise engaged tenía otro compromiso
Miller, otherwise known as Dusty Miller, también conocido como Dusty
until proven or proved otherwise hasta que se demuestre lo contrario
the defendant is presumed innocent until proven otherwise he will be considered incapable of looking after himself until his family can prove otherwise
except where or unless otherwise stated salvo indicación de lo contrario (formal); a no ser que se indique lo contrario
all photographs are by the author unless otherwise stated
we had no reason to think otherwise no teníamos motivo para creer otra cosa
2 (in other respects) aparte de esto; por lo demás
it's an otherwise excellent piece of work aparte de esto or por lo demás es un trabajo excelente; she was a little thinner, but otherwise unchanged estaba un poco más delgada, pero aparte de eso or por lo demás seguía igual
otherwise it's a very good car a ray of hope in an otherwise hopeless situation slightly worn but otherwise in good condition
3 (in other circumstances) en otras circunstancias
people who might otherwise have died will live gente que en otras circunstancias hubiera muerto, vivirá; it's more expensive than I would otherwise have bought es más caro de lo que hubiera gastado normalmente
aspects which might otherwise escape our notice labor and resources that could otherwise be devoted to material production services otherwise only available in hospitals
4 (of another sort)
he would do it by any means, legal or otherwise lo haría por todos los medios, legales o no; it may not be transmitted by any means, electronic or otherwise está prohibida su transmisión por cualquier medio, ya sea electrónico o de otra clase
we would appreciate your comments, favourable or otherwise it was difficult to ascertain the truth, or otherwise, of his statement it was for the police to assess the validity or otherwise of the evidence he didn't want company, talkative or otherwise evaluate the success or otherwise of your strategy
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