usage note
This word may also be spelled “organised".
1. (methodical) 
My father is very organized and always follows a routine.Mi padre es muy organizado y siempre sigue una rutina.
2. (planned) 
The only way to visit Machu Picchu is with an organized tour.La única manera de visitar Machu Picchu es con una excursión organizada.
3. (institutionalized) 
They agreed to cooperate in the fight against organized crime.Se pusieron de acuerdo para cooperar en la lucha contra el crimen organizado.
organized [ˈɔːɡənaizd]
1 (methodical) [+person] organizado
it was organized chaos era un caos organizado or ordenado
It was all scripted. But it was organised chaos: everybody goes off and does their own thing, as long as they arrive at a certain point Organised chaos is part and parcel of any small business Yesterday Kashif was surrounded by organised chaos on the top floor of the International Men's and Boy's Wear Exhibition at London's Olympia Centre for his first show
2 (planned) [+crime, event, tour] organizado
3 (Ind)
organized labour trabajadores (m) or obreros (m) sindicados
The Party had only patchy support amongst sections of organized labour
Phrases with "organized"
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I am organized
soy organizado
be organized
ser organizado
I organized the party
organicé la fiesta
organized crime
el crimen organizado
stay organized
mantenerse organizado
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