masculine noun
1. knot (lazo)
  • hacer un nudo -> to tie a knot
  • se le hizo un nudo en la garganta (figurative) -> she got a lump in her throat
  • nudo corredizo -> slipknot
  • nudo gordiano -> Gordian knot
2. junction (cruce)
  • nudo de comunicaciones -> communications center
3. tie, bond (vínculo)
4. crux, nub (punto principal)
5. knot (en madera)

nudo [noo’-do]
1. Knot, complication of a cord or string. (m)
2. Knoll, node, articulation or joint of plants. (m)
3. Joint in animal bodies. (m)
4. The principal difficulty or doubt in certain matters (problema). (m)
5. Tie, union, bond of association (vínculo). (m)
6. Node, a swelling on nerves or bones. (m)
7. Knot, intricacy, difficulty. (m)
8. The crisis of a drama. (m)
  • Echamos doce nudos por hora -> we ran twelve knots an hour
  • Atravesársele a uno un nudo en la garganta -> to have a lump in one’s throat, to be speechless on account of violent emotion
  • Nudo corredizo -> slipknot

nuda propiedad bare ownership; bare title to property
1 (en hilo, cuerda) knot
el nudo de la corbata the tie knot; no sabe hacerse el nudo de la corbata he doesn't know how to tie his tie; atar con un nudo to tie in a knot
un nudo en la garganta a lump in one's throat
se me hizo un nudo en la garganta I got a lump in my throat
nudo corredizo slipknot
nudo de rizos reef knot
nudo gordiano Gordian knot
nudo llano nudo marinero reef knot
2 [de carreteras, ferrocarriles] junction
3 (vínculo) bond; tie
4 [de problema, cuestión] core; crux; [de obra, narración] crisis; point of greatest complexity
5 (en tallo) node; (en madera) knot

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