ver moler
feminine noun
1. back tooth, molar (diente)
  • muela del juicio -> wisdom tooth
2. millstone (de molino); grindstone (para afilar)

muela [moo-ay’-lah]
1. In cornmills, runner, the upper millstone (de molino). (f)
2. Grindstone (de afilar), whetstone. (f)
3. Water sufficient to set a mill in motion. (f)
4. Hill, hillock; any artificial mound 5. (f)
5. Grinder, one of the back teeth, molar teeth. (f)
  • Al que le duele la muela -> que se la saque, it is none of my business
  • Dolor de muelas -> toothache
Track or circle made with anything.

1 (Anatomía) (gen) tooth; (para especificar) back tooth; molar
dolor de muelas toothache
está que echa las muelas he's hopping mad
hacer la muela (Caribe) to skive (muy_familiar)
muela del juicio wisdom tooth
2 (Técnica) [de molino] millstone; [de afilar] grindstone
3 (Geografía) (cerro) mound; hillock
4 (And) gluttony
5 (Caribe) trickery

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