1. (obligatory) 
Helmets were not mandatory in the National Football League until 1943.Los cascos no eran obligatorios en la Liga Nacional de Fútbol hasta 1943.
In this country, possession of an unlicensed firearm carries a mandatory minimum sentence.En este país, poseer un arma de fuego sin licencia conlleva una pena preceptiva mínima.
1. (general) 
a. obligatorio(a) 
mandatory [ˈmændətərɪ]
1 (compulsory) obligatorio
each article contained the mandatory quota of rude jokes (humorous) cada artículo contenía la cuota obligatoria de chistes verdes
The City Council voted for mandatory water rationing it is mandatory (for them) [to provide] these services to the public
it is mandatory that you complete levels one and two es obligatorio que usted realice los niveles uno y dos; tiene usted que realizar los niveles uno y dos obligatoriamente
2 (Jur) [+sentence, penalty, fine] preceptivo; obligatorio
In these cases the death penalty is mandatory A [mandatory] state has received a mandate over some territory. Mandatory Palestine was conquered by Israel in 1967
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