masculine noun
1. parrot (animal)
2. chatterbox (informal) (charlatán)
3. sounds (informal) (aparato de música) (peninsular Spanish), = radio and/or cassette or CD player
4. (informal)
  • estar al loro -> to keep one's ears o eyes open; (alerta) (peninsular Spanish) to be well up (on what's happening) (enterado)
  • si no estamos al loro, no conseguiremos entradas -> if we're not quick off the mark we won't get tickets
  • ¡al loro con Luis! -> be careful with Luis!

loro [lo’-ro]
1. Parrot. (m)
2. Portugal laurel. (Botany) (m)
3. Old bat (arpía). (m)
4. (Cono Sur) Thieves' look-out man. (m)
5. (Cono Sur. Med.) Bedpan. (m)
6. (Cono Sur) Sacar los loros, to pick one's nose. (m)
7. Estar al loro, to be on the alert. (m)

1 (ave) parrot
2 (radio) radio; (radiocasete) radio-cassette
estar al loro (alerta) to be on the alert; (informado) to know the score (familiar)
hay que estar al loro you need to be on the alert; está al loro de lo que pasa he's in touch with what's going on; ¡al loro! watch out!
3 (charlatán) chatterbox (familiar)
mi hermana es un loro, no para de hablar my sister's a chatterbox, she never stops talking
4 (mujer fea) old bag (familiar); old bat (familiar)
5 (S. Cone) (en robo) thieves' lookout man
6 (S. Cone) (Med) bedpan
7 (S. Cone) (moco)
sacar los loros to pick one's nose
8 (Caribe) (cuchillo) pointed and curved knife
dark brown

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