masculine noun
1. washbasin (objeto) (British), washbowl (United States)
2. lavatory (habitación) (British), washroom (United States)

lavabo [lah-vah'-bo]
1. A washbasin (lavamanos); washstand (con soporte); washroom (cuarto de aseo). (m)
2. (Rel.) Lavabo (lavatorio). (m)
3. The napkin on which the priest dries his hands after washing. (m)
4. Lavatory, toilet (retrete). (m)

1 (pila) washbasin; washstand (anticuado)
2 (cuarto de baño) bathroom; washroom; (EEUU) toilet; (en lugar público) toilet; rest room; (EEUU)
¿dónde está el lavabo de señoras, por favor? where is the ladies, please?

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