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feminine noun
1. (period of time)
a. week
No estoy libre para cenar hasta la semana que viene.I'm not free for dinner until next week.
feminine noun
1. week
  • entre semana during the week
  • fin de semana weekend
  • la semana próxima o que viene next week
  • dos veces por semana twice a week, twice weekly
  • me deben tres semanas de alquiler they owe me three weeks' rent
  • semana laboral working week (British), work week (United States)
  • semana Santa Easter; Holy Week (religion)
1 (siete días) week
entre semana during the week; in the week; podemos vernos un día entre semana we could see each other one day during the week; vuelo de entre semana midweek flight; días entre semana weekdays
semana inglesa five-day working week; five-day workweek; (EEUU)
semana laboral working week; workweek; (EEUU)
Semana Santa Holy Week
In Spain celebrations for Semana Santa (Holy Week) are often spectacular. Viernes Santo, Sábado Santo and Domingo de Resurrección (Good Friday, Holy Saturday, Easter Sunday) are all national public holidays, with additional days being given as local holidays. There are long processions through the streets with pasos - religious floats and sculptures. Religious statues are carried along on the shoulders of the cofrades, members of the cofradías or lay brotherhoods that organize the processions. These are accompanied by penitentes and nazarenos generally wearing long hooded robes. Seville, Málaga and Valladolid are particularly well known for their spectacular Holy Week processions.
2 (salario) week's wages
; (p)
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