1. (nevertheless) 
I like listening to music; however, I don't like going to concerts.Me gusta escuchar música; sin embargo, no me gusta ir a conciertos.
I love reading; however, I don't like non-fiction books.Me encanta leer; no obstante, no me gustan los libros factuales.
2. (no matter how) 
However hard it is, I choose to forgive.Sin importar lo duro que sea, elijo perdonar.
b. por 
However cold it is, I'm going to go running.Por mucho frío que haga, voy a salir a correr.
3. (how) 
a. cómo 
However did you get there?¿Cómo llegaste ahí?
4. (as) 
a. como 
Do your hair however you like.Péinate como tú quieras.
1. (to whatever degree) 
a. no direct translation 
however clever she ispor muy lista que sea
however hard she tried, she couldn't do itpor mucho que lo intentaba no podía hacerlo
2. (in whatever way) 
a. no direct translation 
however you look at it,…se mire como se mire,…
however did she find out?pero, ¿cómo se pudo enterar?
3. (general) 
a. sin embargo, no obstante 
however [haʊˈevəʳ]
1 (nevertheless) sin embargo; no obstante
most men, however, prefer black la mayoría de los hombres, sin embargo or no obstante, prefieren el negro
2 (no matter how)
however cold it is, we still manage to have fun por mucho frío que haga, nos las arreglamos para pasarlo bien
he'll never catch us however fast he runs por muy rápido que vaya or por mucho que corra no nos alcanzará
however hard she tried, she couldn't remember his name por mucho or más que lo intentaba, no lograba acordarse de su nombre
wait 10 to 15 minutes, or however long it takes espera 10 ó 15 minutos, o los que sean necesarios
the 5,000 spectators, or however many were there los 5.000 espectadores, o los que fuesen
take about a metre of fabric, or however much you need toma un metro de tela o lo que necesites
3 (in questions) (how) cómo
however did you manage to do that? ¿cómo te las arreglaste para hacer eso?
however it's done, it has to look right se haga como se haga, tiene que quedar bien; however we add it up, it doesn't come to 83 lo sumemos como lo sumemos, no da 83; hagamos la suma como la hagamos, no da 83; however you want or like como quieras; you can do it however you want puedes hacerlo como quieras
Unlike however, sin embargo and no obstante can never end a sentence; they must always go at the beginning of it or between the clauses:
He has one problem, however Sin embargo, tiene un problema
He does not expect to come out of the meeting with anything concrete, however No obstante, no espera salir de la reunión con nada concreto
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