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histérico, -a
1. hysterical (medicine)
2. (informal) (nervioso)
  • estar histérico, -a to be a bag o bundle of nerves
  • ponerse histérico, -a to get in a flap
  • ese ruido me pone histérico, -a that noise really gets on my nerves
masculine or feminine noun
3. hysteric (medicine)
4. (informal) (nervioso)
  • es un histérico, -a he's always getting in a flap
histéricoa histérica
1 (Med) hysterical
paroxismo histérico hysterics
; (p)
2 (nervioso)
no seas tan histérico don't get so worked up; ¡me pone histérico! it drives me mad!; it drives me up the wall (familiar)
1 (Med) hysteric
es una histérica
2 (nervioso)
no hagas caso, son unos histéricos pay no attention, they're always having hysterics
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