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herido, -a
1. injured (dañado); wounded (en lucha, atentado); hurt, wounded (sentimentalmente)
  • resultaron heridos once civiles eleven civilians were wounded
  • herido, -a de muerte mortally wounded
  • se sintió herido, -a en su amor propio his pride was hurt
masculine or feminine noun
2. injured person (persona); wounded person (en lucha, atentado)
  • no hubo heridos there were no casualties
  • los heridos the injured/the wounded
heridoa herida
1 (físicamente) (gen) injured; (en tiroteo, atentado, guerra) wounded
había un hombre herido en el suelo there was an injured man lying on the ground; un soldado herido a wounded soldier; un policía resultó herido en el tiroteo a policeman was injured o wounded in the shooting
estaba herido de muerte estaba mortalmente herido he was fatally injured
2 (emocionalmente) hurt
Susana se sintió herida por lo que le dijiste Susana was hurt by what you said to her; me sentí herida en mi amor propio it was a blow to my self-esteem; tiene el orgullo herido his pride has been hurt o wounded
(lesionado) (gen) injured person; (en tiroteo, atentado, guerra) wounded person
había un herido en el parque there was an injured man in the park; hubo dos heridos en el accidente two people were injured o hurt in the accident; hubo cinco heridos leves five people were slightly injured o hurt; se llevaron a los heridos al hospital they took the casualties o injured (people) to hospital; el número de los heridos en el accidente the number of casualties o people injured in the accident; asistieron a los heridos en las trincheras they helped the wounded in the trenches; los heridos de guerra the war wounded
(S. Cone) ditch; channel
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