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gordo, -a
1. fat (persona)
  • está más gordo, -a que antes he's put on weight
  • me cae gordo, -a (informal) I can't stand him
2. thick (grueso)
3. big, serious (informal) (problema, asunto)
  • me pasó algo muy gordo, -a con él something very serious happened to me with him
  • armar la gorda (figurative) to kick up a row o stink
masculine or feminine noun
4. fat man, (f) fat woman (persona obesa)
  • los gordos fat people
masculine noun
5. first prize, jackpot (en lotería)
  • le tocó el gordo, -a he won first prize, he won the jackpot
gordoa gorda
1 [+persona] (obeso) fat; (corpulento) stout; plump
está más gordo que nunca he's fatter than ever
caer gordo a algn
ese tipo me cae gordo I can't stand that guy (familiar)
2 [+cosa, hecho] big
fue el desastre más gordo de su historia it was the biggest o worst disaster in their history; ha pasado algo muy gordo something major has happened; una mentira de las gordas a big fat lie (familiar); y lo más gordo fue que ... and then to cap it all ... (familiar)
3 [+comida, sustancia] greasy; oily
tocino gordo fatty bacon
4 [+agua] hard
5 [+lienzo, hilo] coarse
6 (Chile) (querido) darling (familiar)
fat man/woman
¡gordo! fatty! (familiar); fatso! (familiar)
1 (Culin) fat; suet
2 (premio) jackpot; big prize
ganar el gordo to hit the jackpot; win the big prize
sacarse el gordo to bring home the bacon (familiar)
El Gordo, "the fat one", refers to a large lottery jackpot, particularly the one offered in the Spanish Lotería Nacional at Christmas. The Sorteo Extraordinario de Navidad takes place on December 22 and the jackpot is worth several million pounds to the holder or holders of the winning number. Because of the cost of buying an entire number, people generally buy décimos (tenth-part shares), which means the total winnings are usually shared out between a number of people.
note See culture box in entry lotería.
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