gorda [gor’-do, dah]
1. Fat, corpulent, plump, fleshy, obese (persona).
  • Está más gordo que nunca -> he's fatter than ever
2. Fat, rich, gray, oily (comida, sustancia).
  • Tocino gordo -> fat pork
3. Coarse, thick (hilo, tela) Lienzo gordo, coarse linen.
4. Great, large, big.
5. Torpid, stupid.
  • Mentira gorda -> a gross falsehood
6. Unpleasant.
  • Ese tipo me cae gordo -> that chap gets on my nerves
  • Lo más gordo fue ->
., the most outrageous was.....

ni gorda
no tener ni gorda to be skint (familiar); be broke (familiar); lo hice sin cobrar ni gorda I didn't get a penny for it; no se oye ni gorda you can hear absolutely nothing; no entiende ni gorda he doesn't understand a blind thing (familiar)
la Gorda the 1868 revolution in Spain
armar la gorda to kick up a fuss o a stink (familiar)
si no me pagan voy a armar la gorda if they don't pay me I'm going to kick up a fuss o a stink (familiar)
armarse la gorda
se armó la gorda all hell broke loose; se armó la gorda cuando volvieron mis padres there was a hell of a row when my parents came back (familiar)
3 (México) thick tortilla

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