get ahead

get ahead
intransitive verb phrase
1. (to succeed) 
A good education is essential if you want to get ahead in life.Una buena educación es esencial si quieres salir adelante en la vida.
You don't need to throw your rival under the bus to get ahead.No es necesario echar de cabeza a tu rival para salir adelante.
b. progresar 
Ricardo will do anything to get ahead in his company, even if it's illegal.Ricardo hará lo que sea por progresar en su empresa, aunque sea ilegal.
2. (to pass; often used with "of") 
On lap seven, Peter got ahead and finally won the race.En la vuelta número siete, Peter tomó la delantera y finalmente ganó la carrera.
b. adelantar 
The driver stepped on the gas so he could get ahead of the rest of the cars in the race.El piloto pisó el acelerador para poder adelantar al resto de los coches en la carrera.
get ahead
intransitive verb
1. (general) 
a. abrirse paso or camino 
get ahead
1 (in race) tomar la delantera
Eventually, cutting a corner, Welland managed to get ahead he knew he had no chance of winning the race if I got ahead they'll get ahead of me and I'll never catch up
having got ahead of the other runners, he relaxed tras tomar la delantera se relajó
2 (succeed) (by doing better than others) ir por delante; (make progress) progresar; avanzar
Some men don't like women to get ahead, especially ahead of them Western Europe will not get ahead technologically via the militarist Star Wars program You really don't have to look gorgeous to get ahead in life If you want to get ahead in medicine,become a specialist
to get ahead of sb adelantar a algn
Your sweat and toil are the keys to getting ahead of your competitors
3 (with work) adelantar;with con
if you like I'll get ahead with the washing up
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