1. (costly) 
a. caro 
I wish that bag wasn't so expensive.Ojalá ese bolso no fuera tan caro.
b. costoso 
I can't go on the trip; the tickets are too expensive.No puedo ir en el viaje, los boletos son demasiado costosos.
1. (general) 
a. caro(a), costoso(a) 
to have expensive tastestener gustos caros
an expensive mistakeun error muy caro
expensive [ɪksˈpensɪv]
[+goods, shop, hobby] caro
it is very expensive to live in London resulta muy caro vivir en Londres; learning to drive is an expensive business aprender a conducir sale caro or resulta muy costoso; he has expensive tastes tiene gustos caros; she has an expensive lifestyle lleva un tren de vida caro; it was an expensive mistake el error nos ha salido caro
it was an expensive victory her meal was very expensive our new sofa was very expensive his suit was expensive the children's uniforms were expensive caviare is expensive to [come] expensive to [look] expensive
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