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feminine noun
1. zigzag (figura)
  • hacer eses to zigzag; (en carretera) to stagger about (al andar)
demonstrative adjective
1. that, pl those (en general)
2. (informal Pey)
  • el hombre ese, -a no me inspira confianza I don't trust that man
name of the letter S
en forma de ese S-shaped
hacer eses [+carretera] to zigzag; twist and turn; [+coche] to zigzag; [+borracho] to reel about
esea esa
demonstrative adjective
esa casa that house; esos/as those; esos dibujos those drawings; no conozco al tío ese I don't know that guy (familiar)
esea esa
ésea ésa
demonstrative pronoun
1 that one
ese es el mío that one is mine; esos/as those; those ones; prefiero esos I prefer those ones; esos que te compré yo the ones I bought you
2 (en locuciones)
¡no me vengas con esas! don't give me any more of that nonsense!; y cosas de esas and suchlike; ¡no me salgas ahora con esas! don't bring all that up again!; no es una chica de esas she's not that kind of girl; ni por esas (de ningún modo) on no account; (aun así) even so
In the past the standard spelling for these demonstrative pronouns was with an accent ([ése, ésa, ésos] and [ésas]). Nowadays the [Real Academia Española] advises that the accented forms are only required where there might otherwise be confusion with the adjective.
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