Egoísta in English | Spanish to English Translation
1. (caring only for yourself)
a. selfish
No seas egoísta, Andy. Quiero que compartas con tu hermano. Don't be selfish, Andy. I want you to share with your brother.
b. egotistical
La gente egoísta generalmente no ayuda a la comunidad. Egotistical people usually don't help out their community.
feminine or masculine noun
2. (egotist)
a. selfish person
Es un egoísta; si no puede sacar provecho de algo, no lo hace. He is a selfish person; if he won't benefit from something, he doesn't do it.
1. egoistic, selfish
masculine or feminine noun
2. egoist, selfish person
egoistical; selfish
egoist; selfish person
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