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1. sweet (sabor)
  • le gusta todo lo dulce -> she loves anything sweet
2. fresh (agua)
3. sweet, gentle, mild (persona, carácter)
4. tender (mirada, sonrisa) ; mellow, sweet (voz, sonido, música) ; sweet (recuerdo)
  • sus años dulces -> his golden years
masculine noun
5. sweet (caramelo, postre) ; cake, pastry (pastel)
  • me encanta el dulce -> I love sweet things (todo lo dulce)
  • a nadie le amarga un dulce (figurative) -> anything's better than nothing
  • dulce de membrillo -> quince jelly

dulce [dool'-thay]
1. Sweet, pleasing to the taste, luscious, honeyed.
2. Sweet, not salty; not sour; fresh; without flavor.
3. Sweet, mild, soft, gentle, meek.
4. Confortable, pleasing, sweet, pleasant, agreeable.
5. Soft, ductile.
  • Un instrumento dulce -> a sweet-sounding instrument
  • Con el acento dulce del país -> with the soft accent of the region
6. Confiture, sweetmeat, confection, candied or dried fruits. (m)
  • Dulce de almíbar -> preserves, fruit preserved in sirup
7. (m)

1 [+caramelo, galleta] sweet
este vino está muy dulce this wine is very sweet; no me gusta lo dulce I don't like sweet things; I don't have a very sweet tooth
más dulce que la miel sweeter than honey
2 (suave) [+metal, sonido, voz] soft; [+carácter] gentle; [+clima] mild; [+música] sweet
un instrumento dulce a sweet-sounding instrument; con el acento dulce del país with the soft accent of the region
habla muy dulce she speaks very softly
1 (caramelo) sweet; candy; (EEUU)
a nadie le amarga un dulce something's better than nothing
dulce de almíbar preserved fruit
dulce de leche (Arg) caramelized condensed milk
dulce de membrillo quince jelly
2 dulces (gen) sweet things; (pasteles) cakes and pastries
Joseba Azcárraga se trajo de Vitoria los dulces para el postre los helados de fruta y vainilla, los dulces caseros a base de chocolate y crema de castañas
le encantan los dulces he loves sweet things
3 (And) (Centroamérica) (Caribe) (azúcar) sugar; brown sugar
4 (And) (paleta) lollipop

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