feminine noun
1. discipline
  • guardar o mantener la disciplina -> to maintain discipline
  • tiene mucha disciplina -> he's very (self-)disciplined
  • disciplina de voto (politics) -> party discipline (in voting)

disciplina [dis-the-plee’-nah]
1. Discipline, education, instruction. (f)
2. Discipline, any art or science taught. (f)
3. Discipline, rule of conduct, order. (f)
4. Correction or punishment inflicted upon oneself. (f)
  • Disciplinas -> scourge, a cat-of-nine-tails
5. Flagellation. (f)

1 (normas) discipline
disciplina férrea iron will
disciplina de partido disciplina de voto party discipline; party whip
romper la disciplina de voto to defy the party whip
disciplina inglesa bondage and discipline
2 (Dep) discipline
ganó en la disciplina de suelo she came first in the floor exercises

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