1. (industrialized) 
Many of the nations in Europe are considered to be developed countries.Se considera que muchas de las naciones en Europa son países desarrollados.
Singapore is more developed than its neighboring countries.Singapur es más desarrollado que sus países vecinos.
2. (grown) 
Katie is the oldest student in her grade, and one of the most developed.Katie es la estudiante mayor de su curso, y una de las más desarrolladas.
3. (built-up) 
We are in the most developed area of the state.Estamos en el área más urbanizada del estado.
This neighborhood is much more developed than it was ten years ago.Este barrio es much más desarrollado que era hace diez años.
4. (refined) 
If we'd had a more developed plan for the trip, we would have bought tickets for a game.Se hubiéramos tenido un plan más desarrollado para el viaje, compraríamos entradas para un partido.
While the story of this novel is interesting, it is not developed enough to make its point convincingly.Aunque la historia de esta novela es interesante, no es bastante sofisticada para expresar su posición de una manera convincente.
c. refinado 
For a ten-year-old, he has a surprisingly developed sense of humor.Para un niño de diez años, tiene un sentido de humor sorprendentemente refinado.
developed [dɪˈveləpt]
[+country, world] desarrollado
The declaration blames developed countries for global warming Heart disease is the biggest killer in the developed world
[+sense of humour, justice etc] profundo
At least the British have a nicely developed sense of humour She has a very strongly developed sense of justice
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