Curioso in English | Spanish to English Translation and Dictionary
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curioso, -a
1. curious, inquisitive (por saber, averiguar)
2. odd, strange (raro)
3. neat, tidy (limpio) ; careful (cuidadoso)
masculine or feminine noun
4. onlooker
curiosoa curiosa
1 [+persona] curious; (indiscreto) inquisitive
estar curioso por saber to be curious to know; curioso de noticias eager for news
2 (raro) [+acto, objeto] curious; odd
¡qué curioso! how odd!; how curious!
3 (aseado) neat; clean, tidy
4 (cuidadoso) careful; conscientious
1 (presente) bystander; onlooker
2 (interesado)
los curiosos de la literatura those interested in literature
3 (cotilla) busybody
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