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feminine noun
1. rib (anatomy & Náut)
  • costillas (informal) -> back (espalda)
2. cutlet (cooking)
  • costillas de cerdo -> pork chops
3. better half (informal) (cónyuge)

costilla [cos-teel’-lyah]
1. Rib. (f)
2. Stave, the board of a barrel. (f)
3. A piece of timber which serves to strengthen joists. (f)
4. The rib of a cupola, springer. (f)
5. Property, support, wealth. (Colloquial & Metaphorical) (f)
6. Rib (esposa). (Colloquial) (f)
7. A thick nervure or rib of a leaf. (Botany) (f)
8. Chop (carne). (f)
  • Costilla de cerdo -> pork chop
noun, plural
9. Shoulders, back.
  • Todo carga sobre mis costillas -> I get all the burdens, everything is put on my back
10. Wooden strips to which horses are tied in ploughing. (gram)
11. Cramp irons, chimney ties for securing chimney flues. (Mecahnic)
  • Medirle a uno las costillas -> to cudgel him

1 (Anatomía) rib
2 (Culin) sparerib
costilla de cerdo pork chop; pork cutlet
todo carga sobre mis costillas everything falls on my shoulders
medir las costillas a algn to beat sb
4 (mujer) wife; better half (familiar)

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