feminine noun
1. (botany) (El Salvador) (Honduras) (Mexico) 
Olivia tiene el balcón repleto de macetas con chulas.Olivia's balcony is filled with pots of rosy periwinkles.
2. (vulgar) (male genitalia) (Chile) 
a. dick (vulgar) 
A Mateo se le cayó la toalla y se le vio la chula.Mateo dropped his towel and we saw his dick.
1 (madrileña) woman from the back streets of Madrid; (of Madrid) low-class woman; coarse woman
2 (charra) loud wench; flashy female; brassy girl
3 (Latinoamérica) (novia) girlfriend
Phrases with "chula"
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Chula Vista
Chula Vista
la vida es chula
life is cool
estás bien chula
you look really cute
ay, qué chula
oh, how cool
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