feminine noun
1. dinner, evening meal
  • dar una cena -> to give a dinner party
  • cena de despedida -> farewell dinner
  • la última cena (religion) -> the Last Supper

cena [they’-nah]
1. Dinner, supper. (f)
2. Scene, stage. (f)
  • Jueves Sant -> or de la Cena, Maundy Thursday, Thursday before Good Friday
  • La Última Cena -> The Last Supper

(a última hora) supper; (como comida principal) dinner
nos invitó a una cena en el restaurante he invited us to dinner at a restaurant; la Última Cena the Last Supper
Cena de Baltasar Belshazzar's Feast
cena de gala dinner function; formal dinner; (Política) state banquet
cena de negocios business dinner
cena de trabajo working dinner

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