Casado in English | Spanish to English Translation and Dictionary
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casado, -a
1. married (con to)
masculine or feminine noun
2. married man, (f) married woman
  • los recién casados the newly-weds
casadoa casada
¿está o es usted casada? (Latinoamérica) are you married?; está casado con mi prima he's married to my cousin; todas sus hijas están muy bien casadas all her daughters have married well
married man/woman
estuvo saliendo con un casado she was going out with a married man; Pierce es su apellido de casada Pierce is her married name; no está contenta con su vida de casada she is dissatisfied with married life; los casados (hombres) married men; (hombres y mujeres) married people; los recién casados the newlyweds
1 (Tipografía) imposition
2 (Latinoamérica) (Culin) two separate varieties of food eaten together
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