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caro, -a
1. expensive (costoso)
  • la vida está muy cara everything is so expensive
2. cherished (Formal) (querido)
  • costar caro, -a to be expensive
  • pagar caro, -a algo (figurative) to pay dearly for something
  • un día te va a salir cara tu conducta (figurative) you'll pay dearly for this behavior one day
  • vender caro, -a algo to sell something at a high price; not to give something up easily (figurative)
  • vendieron cara su derrota their enemy paid a high price for their victory
1 (costoso) expensive; dear
un coche carísimo a very expensive car
costar caro to be expensive; cost a lot
el abrigo me costó muy caro my coat was very expensive; my coat cost a lot
este escándalo le ha costado caro al gobierno
le costó caro tal atrevimiento his daring cost him dear
pagar caro algo to pay dearly for sth
pagó cara su insolencia he paid dearly for his insolence
pagarás caro por por estos errores lo pagarás caro pagarán caro haber (por) dicho eso
salir caro
un piso amueblado sale más caro a furnished flat is more expensive; en total el viaje nos salió muy caro altogether the trip was o proved very expensive
2 (querido) dear; beloved
las cosas que nos son tan caras the things which are so dear to us; ¡mi caro amigo! my dear o beloved friend!
vender caro: esa tienda vende caro that shop is expensive
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