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masculine noun
1. chapter (de libro) ; episode (de serie)
2. subject (tema, sección)
  • ser capítulo aparte -> to be another matter (altogether)

capítulo [cah-pe-too-lo]
1. Chapter of a cathedral. (Province; Provinicial) (m)
2. A meeting of the prelates of religious orders, and the place where they meet. (m)
3. Meeting of a secular community or corporation. (m)
  • Llamar a uno a capítulo -> to take somebody to task
4. Chapter of a book or other writing. (m)
5. Charge preferred for neglect of duty. (m)
6. Capítulos matrimoniales, articles of marriage. (m)
7. A public reproof for some fault. (m)
  • Ganar o perder capítulo -> (Met.) to carry or lose one’s point

1 [de libro] chapter; [de ley] section
eso es capítulo aparte that's another question altogether; esto merece capítulo aparte this deserves separate treatment
2 (reprensión) reproof; reprimand
capítulo de culpas charge; impeachment
3 (tema) subject; matter
en el capítulo de las pensiones ... on the subject of pensions ...; ganar capítulo to make one's point
4 (contrato)
capítulos matrimoniales marriage contract
; (s)
marriage settlement
; (s)
5 (junta) meeting of a council; (of a council) (Religión) chapter
llamar a algn a capítulo to call sb to account; take sb to task
6 (Religión) chapter house

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