feminine noun
1. shinbone (informal) (espinilla); leg (pierna)
2. bobbin (bobina) (peninsular Spanish)
3. tap (grifo) (RPBr), faucet (United States)

canilla [ca-nee'-lyah]
1. A long bone of either extremity. (f)
  • Canilla de la pierna -> shin-bone
  • Canilla del brazo -> arm-bone
2. Any of the principal bones of the wing of a fowl 3. (f)
3. Reel, bobbin, spool; quill put into a shuttle on which the woof is wound. (f)
4. Unevenness or inequality of the wool in point of thickness or color. (f)
  • Irse como una canilla -> to let the tongue run like the clapper of a mill
5. Rib (paño). (f)
6. Cowardice. (Caribbean) (f)
7. Tener canilla, to have great physical strengh. (Mexico) (f)
Stopcock, faucet, spigot.

1 (espinilla) (also canilla de la pierna) shinbone; shin; especialmente (Latinoamérica) (pierna) shank; thin leg
2 (cúbito) (also canilla del brazo) armbone; ulna
3 (Ornitología) wing bone
4 (Técnica) bobbin; reel
5 especialmente (Latinoamérica) (grifo) tap; faucet; (EEUU) [de tonel] spigot; tap
irse como una canilla (familiar) irse de canilla (familiar) to have the trots (muy_familiar)
6 [de tela] rib
7 (México)
a canilla by hook or by crook; tener canilla to be very strong
8 (Caribe) (cobardía) cowardice

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