feminine noun
1. = screw-together stove-top coffee percolator; (filter) coffee machine (italiana) (eléctrica); expresso machine (en bares)
  • cafetera de émbolo -> cafetiere
2. old crock (informal) (aparato viejo)

cafetera [cah-fay-tay’-rah]
1. Coffee-pot. (f)
  • Cafetera automática -> electric ketle
  • Cafetera filtradora -> percolator
2. Old car, old crock. (Automate) (f)
3. Coffee-service. (f)

1 (aparato) coffee maker; coffee machine; (jarra) coffee pot
estar como una cafetera to be off one's head o rocker (familiar)
cafetera automática coffee machine
cafetera de filtro filter coffee maker
cafetera exprés espresso coffee maker
2 (Automóviles) old banger (familiar); jalop(p)y (familiar); [de policía] police car

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