masculine noun
1. (anatomy) 
a. hair 
Tiene el cabello tan largo que a veces lo pisa al caminar.Her hair is so long that she sometimes steps on it when she walks.
Encontré un cabello en la sopa. ¡Guácala!I found a hair in my soup. Yuck!
1. (general) 
a. hair 
2. (culinary) 
a. no direct translation 
cabello de ángelpreserve made of strands of pumpkin in syrup
analizaremos solo un cabello we shall analyse just a single hair; llevaba el cabello recogido atrás she had o wore her hair tied back; te deja los cabellos brillantes it leaves your hair shiny
cabello de ángel confectionery and pastry filling made of pumpkin and syrup
cabellos de ángel
Phrases with "cabello"
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cabello largo
long hair
cabello corto
short hair
cabello negro
black hair
cabello castaño
brown hair
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