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masculine noun
1. hair
  • cabello de ángel (cooking) -> = preserve made of strands of pumpkin in syrup

cabello [cah-bayl’-lyo]
1. Hair of the head. (m)
  • Cabello de Venus -> (Bot.) maidenhair
  • Estar pendiente de un cabello -> to hang by a thread
  • Estar en cabello -> to have one’s hair down
noun, plural
2. Large sinews in mutton.
3. Fibres of plants; the silk of corn.
  • Cabellos de ángel -> conserve of fruit cut into small threads
  • Estar colgado de los cabellos, to be in anxious expectation of the issue of a critical affair. Tomar la ocasióon por los cabellos -> to take time by the forelock, (Met.) O profit by the occasion
  • Traer alguna cosa por los cabellos -> (Met.) to appropriate a phrase, an authority, or a quotation, to a thing which has no relation with it
  • Arrancarse los cabellos -> to pull or tear one’s hair
  • Arrastrar a uno por los cabellos -> to drag one away by the hair

analizaremos solo un cabello we shall analyse just a single hair; llevaba el cabello recogido atrás she had o wore her hair tied back; te deja los cabellos brillantes it leaves your hair shiny
cabello de ángel confectionery and pastry filling made of pumpkin and syrup
cabellos de ángel

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