feminine noun
1. joke (ocurrencia, chiste); prank, practical joke (jugarreta)
  • gastar una broma a alguien -> to play a joke/prank on somebody
  • en o de broma -> as a joke
  • bromas aparte -> joking apart
  • entre bromas y veras -> half joking
  • fuera de broma -> joking apart
  • no estar para bromas -> not to be in the mood for jokes
  • tomar algo a broma -> not to take something seriously
  • ni en o de broma -> no way, not on your life
  • me salió la broma por 800 euros (informal) (Irónico) -> it cost me the tidy sum of 800 euros
  • broma de mal gusto -> bad joke
  • broma pesada -> nasty practical joke

broma [bro’-mah]
1. Joke, jest. (f)
  • Broma pesada -> practical joke
  • Dar broma -> to tease, to indulge in jokes applied to anyone present
  • No es ninguna broma -> this is serious
  • Fue una broma nada más -> it was just a joke
  • No está para bromas -> he's in no mood for jokes
  • La broma me costó cara -> the affair cost me dearly
  • Lo decía en bromas -> I was only joking
  • En bromas -> in fun
  • Ni en bromas -> never
2. Clatter, confused noise. (f)
3. Rubbish mixed with mortar formerly used to fill up chinks of foundations of walls. (f)
4. disappointment, annoyance (molestía). (Caribbean) (f)
5. Shipworm. (Zoology) (f)

1 (cachondeo)
ni en broma never; not on any account; lo decía en broma I was only joking; I was only kidding (familiar); estar de broma to be in a joking mood; tomar algo a broma to take sth as a joke
2 (chiste) joke
no es ninguna broma it's no joke; this is serious; la broma me costó caro the affair cost me dear; no hay bromas con la autoridad you can't play games with the authorities; bromas aparte ... joking aside ...; ¡déjate de bromas! quit fooling!; joke over!
gastar bromas to tell jokes
gastar una broma a algn to play a joke on sb
estar para bromas
¡para bromas estoy! a fine time for joking!; no está para bromas he's in no mood for jokes
entre bromas y veras half-joking(ly)
broma pesada practical joke; hoax
3 (Caribe) (S. Cone) (decepción) disappointment; (molestia) vexation; annoyance
4 (Zoología) shipworm

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