masculine noun
1. walking stick (para andar)
  • usar bastón -> to walk with a stick
2. baton (de mando)
  • empuñar el bastón (figurative) -> to take the helm
3. ski stick (para esquiar)

bastón [bas-tone’]
1. Cane or stick with a head or knob to lean upon; gad. (m)
2. Truncheon, a staff of command. (m)
3. Military command. (Metaphorical) (m)
  • Empuñar el bastón -> to take command
4. Among silk-weavers, the roller of a silk-frame which contains the stuff. (m)
5. Carrot of snuff, weighing about three pounds. (m)
6. Fluted moulding. (Architecture) (m)
  • Dar bastón -> to stir must with a stick, to prevent its being ropy
  • Bastones -> (Her.) Bars in a shield

1 (para andar) (walking) stick
necesita llevar bastón para andar he needs a stick for walking
bastón alpino bastón de alpinista alpenstock
bastón de esquí ski stick
bastón de estoque swordstick
bastón de montaña alpenstock
2 [de policía] truncheon; billy (club); (EEUU) [de militar] baton
empuñar el bastón to take command
meter el bastón to intervene
bastón de mando baton; sign of authority
3 (Heráldica) vertical bar; pallet

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