Asombro in English | Spanish to English Translation
masculine noun
1. (astonishment)
a. amazement
Vi los glaciares con asombro.I saw the glaciers with amazement.
2. (surprise)
a. surprise
Me causó mucho asombro verlo llegar.It was a surprise seeing him arrive.
3. (fear)
a. fright
Tu grito me provocó asombro.Your scream gave me a fright.
masculine noun
1. amazement (admiración); surprise (sorpresa)
1 (sorpresa) amazement; astonishment
lo miró con asombro he looked at it with amazement o astonishment
para asombro de todos ante el asombro de todo el mundo to everyone's amazement o astonishment
tener cara o mirada de asombro to look amazed o astonished; no salgo de mi asombro I can't get over it
2 (susto) fear; fright
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