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masculine noun
1. pin (para coser)
  • alfiler de gancho safety pin (Andes, CSur, Venezuelan Spanish)
  • no cabe ni un alfiler it's jam-packed
  • prendido con alfileres (figurative) sketchy
2. brooch, pin (joya)
  • alfiler de corbata tie-pin
1 (Cos) pin; (broche) brooch; clip
aquí ya no cabe ni un alfiler you can't squeeze anything else in
prendido con alfileres shaky; hardly hanging together
puesto con 25 alfileres dressed up to the nines
alfiler de corbata tiepin
alfiler de gancho (Arg) safety pin
alfiler de seguridad (Latinoamérica) safety pin
alfiler de sombrero hatpin
2 (propina)
alfileres pin money; dress allowance; pedir para alfileres to ask for a tip
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