Agudo in English | Spanish to English Translation
agudo, -a
1. keen (vista, olfato)
2. serious, acute (crisis, problema, enfermedad)
3. sharp (dolor)
4. high, high-pitched (sonido)
5. keen, sharp (perspicaz); witty (ingenioso)
6. stressed on the last syllable (grammar) (palabra)
7. sharp (filo, punta)
1 (afilado) [+filo] sharp; [+instrumento] sharp; pointed
2 (intenso) [+enfermedad, dolor] acute; [+acento] acute
3 [+ángulo] acute
4 (incisivo) [+mente, sentido] sharp; keen; [+ingenio] ready; lively; [+crítica] penetrating; [+observación] smart; clever; [+pregunta] acute; searching
5 (gracioso) witty
6 (Música) [+nota] high; high-pitched; [+voz, sonido] piercing
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