masculine noun
1. (culinary) 
a. oil 
Prefiero cocinar con aceite de coco. I prefer to cook with coconut oil.
2. (automobile) 
a. oil 
Debes cambiar el aceite cada 3.000 millas.You should change the oil every 3,000 miles.
1. (general) 
a. oil 
aceite de cacahuete/colzapeanut/rapeseed oil
aceite esencialessential oil
aceite de girasolsunflower oil
aceite de hígado de bacalaocod-liver oil
aceite de linaza/maíz/oliva/sésamolinseed/corn/olive/sesame oil
aceite vegetalvegetable oil
1 (Culin) (Med) (Técnica) oil
echar aceite al fuego to add fuel to the flames
aceite alcanforado camphorated oil
aceite combustible fuel oil
aceite de algodón cottonseed oil
aceite de almendra almond oil
aceite de ballena whale oil
aceite de cacahuete peanut oil
aceite de coco coconut oil
aceite de colza rapeseed oil
aceite de girasol sunflower oil
aceite de hígado de bacalao cod-liver oil
aceite de linaza linseed oil
aceite de maíz corn oil
aceite de oliva olive oil
aceite de oliva puro
aceite de oliva refinado refined olive oil
aceite de oliva virgen virgin olive oil
aceite de ricino castor oil
aceite de soja soya oil
aceite lubricante lubricating oil
aceite vegetal vegetable oil
2 (droga) hash (familiar); (México) LSD
Phrases with "aceite"
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aceite de oliva
olive oil
revisarle el aceite al auto todos los meses
to check your car's oil once a month
aceite vegetal
vegetable oil
revisar el aceite
to check the oil
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