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Quizás is the plural form of quizá.
usage note
This word can also be spelled with an -s at the end: "quizás".
1. (possibly)
a. maybe
Quizá llueva hoy. Maybe it will rain today.
b. perhaps
Quizá podamos ir a la playa este fin de semana. Perhaps we can go to the beach this weekend.
quizá, quizás
1. perhaps
  • quizá, quizás llueva mañana it might rain tomorrow
  • quizá, quizás no lo creas you may not believe it
  • quizá, quizás sí maybe
  • quizá, quizás no maybe not
perhaps; maybe
—¿vienes o no? —quizá "are you coming?" — "perhaps"; quizá llegue mañana, si tenemos suerte if we're lucky it may arrive tomorrow o perhaps it will arrive tomorrow; quizá no maybe not
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