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masculine noun
1. party (político)
2. game (deportivo) , match (British)
  • partido amistoso -> friendly
  • un partido de baloncesto/rugby -> a game of basketball/rugby
3. match (futuro cónyuge)
  • buen/mal partido -> good/bad match
  • sacar partido de, sacarle partido a -> to make the most of
  • tomar partido por -> to side with
  • partido judicial -> = area under the jurisdiction of a court of first instance (peninsular Spanish)

partido [par-tee’-do]
1. Party, a number of persons confederated. (m)
2. Advantage, profit, utility (provecho). (m)
3. Favor, protection, interest. (m)
4. A game, a contest, a match (equipo). (m)
5. Odds given to one in a game: party engaged to play a game. (m)
6. Treaty, agreement; terms proposed for adjusting a difference. (m)
7. Proper means for the performance of what is to be done. (m)
8. Interest or one’s own convenience. (m)
9. (Cono Sur) Hand (naipes). (m)
10. Al partido, share and share alike. (Andes & Caribbean) (m)
  • Tomar partido -> (a) to embrace a resolution, to resolve
  • Partido político -> political party
  • Partido de fútbol -> football match
  • Sacar partido de -> to profit from, to take advantage of
(b) to engage or enlist in a party.

1 (Política) party
sistema de partido único one-party system; tomar partido to take sides; tomar partido por algo/algn to side with sth/sb
partido de la oposición opposition party
partido político political party
Partido Verde Green Party
2 (Dep) game; match
partido amistoso friendly (game o match)
partido de casa home game o match
partido de desempate replay
partido de dobles (Tenis) doubles match; game of doubles
partido de exhibición exhibition game o match
partido de fútbol football game o match
partido (de) homenaje benefit game o match
partido de ida away game o match; first leg
partido de vuelta return game o match; second leg
partido internacional international (match)
3 (provecho)
sacar partido de algo to make the most of sth
sabe sacarle partido a todo
ser un buen partido [+persona] to be a good match
5 (distrito) district; administrative area
partido judicial district under the jurisdiction of a local court
6 (apoyo) support
tiene partido entre todas las clases sociales he has support among all social classes
darse a partido venir(se) a partido to give way
8 (S. Cone) (Naipes) hand
9 (And) (Caribe) (aparcería) crop share

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