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Unlike in English, where "missus" is usually abbreviated to "Mrs.," "señora" is very often spelled out in Spanish (except in the opening lines of correspondence, as in "Estimada Sra. Guzmán"). When the title of "señora" is being used to refer to someone in the third person, a definite article must precede it: "La señora López me vino a visitar." ("Mrs. López came to visit me.")
1. (general)
a. la Sra. (F) (letter writing)
Dear Mrs. Pérez,Estimada Sra. Pérez:
b. la señora (F)
Mr. and Mrs. González are here to see you.El señor y la señora González han venido a verte.
sustantivo (abbr Missus)
1. Sra., señora (f)
  • Mrs Jones la Sra. Jones
Mrs [ˈmɪsɪz]
(pl inv) Mistress Sra.; señora
Mrs Pitt wants to see you la señora (de) Pitt quiere verte; yes, Mrs Brown sí, señora Brown
"Use of article" See culture box in entry Mr.
Mrs Mop (n) (Britain) la maruja (informal)
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