hermano, -a
  • ciudades hermanas -> twin towns , sister cities (United States)
  • dos pueblos hermanos como México y España -> two countries with close ties, such as Mexico and Spain
masculine or feminine noun
1. brother, (f) sister
  • todos los hermanos se parecen mucho entre sí -> all the brothers and sisters look very much alike
  • son medio hermanas -> they're half sisters
  • hermanos gemelos -> twin brothers
  • hermano, -a mayor -> older o big brother
  • hermanos mellizos -> twin brothers
  • hermano, -a menor -> younger o little brother
  • hermano, -a político -> brother-in-law
  • hermanos siameses -> Siamese twins

hermano [er-mah'-no]
1. Brother, born of the same parents. (m)
2. Brother-in-law. (m)
3. Similarity: as among the members of a religious community. (m)
  • Hermano carnal -> brother by the same father and mother
  • Hermano de leche -> foster-brother
  • Hermano político -> brother-in-law
  • Primo hermano -> first cousin
  • Medio hermano -> half-brother
noun, plural
4. Members of the same religious confraternity.
5. Lay-brothers of a religious order.

hermanoa hermana
[+barco] sister
ciudades hermanas twin towns
1 brother/sister
por favor, indique el número de hermanos/as please state number of siblings; somos hermanos de madre we have the same mother; medio hermano half-brother/sister; primo hermano first cousin; mis hermanos (solo chicos) my brothers; (chicos y chicas) my brothers and sisters; Gonzalo y Luís son como hermanos Gonzalo and Luís are like brothers; Rosa y Fernando son como hermanos Rosa and Fernando are like brother and sister
hermano/a carnal full brother/sister
hermano de armas brother-in-arms
hermano/a de leche foster brother/sister
hermano/a de sangre blood brother/sister
hermano/a gemelo/a twin brother/sister
hermano/a mayor elder brother/sister; big brother/sister (familiar)
hermano/a político/a brother-in-law/sister-in-law
hermanos/as siameses/as Siamese twins
2 (Religión) brother/sister;hermanos brethren
hermano/a lego/a lay brother/sister
3 [de un par] pair
no encuentro el hermano de este calcetín I can't find the pair for this sock
4 (Latinoamérica) (espectro) ghost

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