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usage note
This word may be capitalized in sense 1) and must be capitalized in sense 2).
1. (letter) 
a. la b (F) 
The first letter in "Benjamin" is b.La primera letra en "Benjamin" es b.
b. la be (F) 
Is "vaca" written with a b or a v?¿"Vaca" se escribe con be o con uve?
"Betty" is written with a b."Betty" se escribe con be alta.
"Thumb" ends with a b."Thumb" termina en be grande.
"Bolivia" is written with a b."Bolivia" se escribe con be larga.
f. la be de burro (F) (colloquial) 
Is "Venice" written with a b or a v?¿"Venice" se escribe con be de burro o con ve de vaca?
2. (music) 
a. el si (M) 
To play B on the trumpet, you have to press this valve.Para tocar el si en la trompeta, hay que apretar este pistón.
b. la B (F) 
The pianist played a B and a D.El pianista toco una B y una D.
(abbr born)
1. nacido(a)
1 (letter) B (f); b (f)
B for Bertie B de Burgos; number 7b (in house numbers) número 7b
2 (Mús)
B si (m); B major/minor si mayor/menor; B sharp/flat si sostenido/bemol
3 (Educ) notable (m)
B road (n) (Britain) carretera (f) comarcal or secundaria
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