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barato, -a
1. cheap (objeto)
  • lo barato, -a sale caro -> buying cheap is a false economy
2. cheap (sentimentalismo) ; trashy (literatura)
3. cheap, cheaply
  • me costó barato, -a -> it was cheap, I got it cheap
  • vender algo barato, -a -> to sell something cheaply
  • en este bar se come muy barato, -a -> you can eat very cheaply in this bar, the food's very cheap in this bar

barato [bah-rah’-to]
1. Money given by the winners at a gaming-table to the bystanders. (m)
  • Hacer barato -> to sell under value in order to get rid of goods, to sell things under cost price
  • Dar de barato -> (Met.) to grant for argument's sake, to grant readily, without objection
  • Lo barato es caro -> the cheapest goods are dearest
  • Ni juega -> ni da barato, to act with indifference, without taking part with a faction
2. Cheaply.

1 (económico) cheap
este vestido es muy barato this dress is very cheap; el café sale más barato a granel coffee is cheaper if you buy it in bulk
lo barato sale caro buying cheap things is false economy; cheap things turn out expensive in the end
2 (de mala calidad) [+música, imitación] cheap; [+novela] trashy
solo ha escrito unas cuantas novelas baratas
3 (indigno) [+demagogia, electoralismo] cheap
esa actitud es patriotismo barato that attitude is just cheap patriotism
tiene una reputación de demagogo barato eso es demagogia barata
cheap; cheaply
el coche nos costó barato the car was cheap; en este restaurante se come muy barato you can eat very cheaply in this restaurant; vivo muy barato I live very cheaply
(mercadillo) street market
I can't confirm the trans in this category - is it worth including? en el juego cobrar el barato

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