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I would like to know the exact meaning in English for the technical words "well pad", used in engineering, and specifically, in petroleum engineering

  • Posted Sep 12, 2008
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I think you mean "weld pad'. Please give some context.
A weld pad is a repair ussualy made by building up the metal on a pipe, pressure vessel or tank by weld deposit.
By the way. I'm a certified API inspector.

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hello ana >> I am juan paulo again.. justo yo trabajo para un empresa de pertoleos .... pad son almuadillas
he visto unas ( pads ) que son usadas en una herramienta direccional llamada power drive ,, se usan para darle direccion al pozo ..
voy a averiguarte mas detalladamente .. mi cell :317 764 22 49

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Well Pad, is the area that has been cleared for a drilling rig to work on a plot of land designated for natural gas or oil extraction. The pad is constructed by clearing all trees and obstacles to allow for engineering of a foundation usually made of local rock from a quarry. An area typically is 3-5 acres of cleared land. The pad is then ready for the drilling derrick and all of it's supporting equipment. Many suppliers with trucks will transport supplies needed by the drilling company to complete drilling, successfully. The area will be set up for such transportation needs and housing for the on site crews will also be made available on the pad.

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I work for an engineering consultant for the O&G sector. Well pad for us is a synonym for "cluster" which is a group of wells usually ten or so, depending on the configuration. The wells within the cluster (or well pad) are grouped to share common processing facilities ( separators, gathering pipelines and so on) .

In Venezuela (spanish), a set of oil or gas wells we call is referred to as "macollas". "Conjunto de pozos". Hope this helps. !

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